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Providing for the health, happiness and wellbeing of Young Tasmanians in need.


How to arrange assistance from the Sunshine Association of Tasmania Inc


The Sunshine Association of Tasmania Inc provides financial assistance to children in need on an individual basis through 3 Regional committees in Tasmania.


The committees, consisting of volunteer community members, exist to encourage, assess and meet requests for financial assistance for children ( under 18 ). Such requests can come from schools, community groups, social workers and other professionals.


Funding may be available for:

  • Camps/Excursions

  • Sport and leisure

  • Scholarships and educational assistance

  • Personal needs.


Every application is given due consideration. Any financial assistance offered to applicants is provided at the discretion of the committee.


Request for Assistance/Applications/Submissions Forms


Applications for assistance must be in writing addressed to your local regional committee, It is desirable that the application/submission form be used, Each submission should include:

  • Purpose for which funds are to be used

  • Names of children for whom assistance is sought

  • Amount sought together with details of other financial contributions

  • Circumstances giving rise to inability of parents to meet expenses

  • Value to children of assistance sought

  • Name, address, telephone number & position of person making application

  • Any other relevant details

  • Must be signed and dated


Or, Application forms may be obtained from and returned to:


The Submission Officer,

Sunshine Association of Tasmania Inc


Northwest Committee- PO Box 1020, Burnie, Tas 7320

Northern Committee- PO Box 25, Kings Meadows, Tas 7249


Southern Committee- PO Box 770, Sandy Bay, Tas 7006

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